Kathleen Heitz Myers — President & CEO

Years of hands-on experience in every facet of the family business inspired Kathleen Heitz' deep-rooted love of winemaking. Combining her firsthand knowledge with a broad based education in science, genetics and the culinary arts prepared Kathleen for her dynamic leadership role in Napa Valley winemaking today.

Kathleen began her scientific studies in Switzerland, ultimately earning a degree in biology from the University of Oregon. She also attained a lifetime teaching credential in California and continued her education in France and Thailand with the study of cuisine.

In 1978, she came home to the Napa Valley eager to contribute to the distinguished Heitz' winemaking legacy. Kathleen has always preferred to flex her skills on the bottom line. Beginning in sales and marketing, she gradually earned the family's vote of confidence to lead the entire operation.

Since 1998, Kathleen has been the Chief Operating Officer and President of Heitz Wine Cellars. She has charted a highly effective course for the winery by embracing frontline technology and business practices while continuing to preserve Heitz' rich agricultural heritage with sustainable and organic farming practices.

Kathleen savors her position because it is "the people end of the business." As the most visible ambassador for Heitz Wine Cellars across the country and the globe, her joie de vivre is appreciated almost as much as her finely-tuned palate.

Kathleen also inherited her parents' penchant for valuing long term relationships. That respect for community has included her service on several boards-of-directors including the Wine Institute, the Napa Valley Vintners, the Wine Service Co-op, and the Advisory Council for the Land Trust of Napa County.

"As David and I assumed greater responsibilities, the number of wineries in the Valley expanded from a handful to over 400. We have been able to uphold Heitz Cellars' reputation by continuously calibrating our winemaking, farming and business practices while retaining our signature traditions.

I feel privileged that I can also play a part in helping to shape the future of this beautiful Valley for generations to come."

Kathleen is married to St. Helena businessman George Myers, who is also an avid wine connoisseur. They synchronize their busy schedules to travel together often as Kathleen represents Heitz Wine Cellars around the world.