As grape growing at Heitz Wine Cellars gradually expanded to its current 425 acres of Napa Valley farmland, the Heitz family teamed up with one of the most respected vineyard management companies in the valley — Jack Neal & Son. This valuable relationship has flourished through two generations.

Today, we practice sustainable and certified organic farming in our vineyards. We utilize cutting edge technology which includes GPS to give us an accurate assessment of what each vine needs to reach its potential.

Heitz Cellars could not achieve sustainability without our low-tech methods, too — better known as getting a little help from Mother Nature. We construct owl boxes and release lady bugs, lace wings and other predatory insects to help with pest control.

We plant native wild flowers and other cover crops to decrease erosion, suppress weeds, promote microbial diversity and keep us looking pretty, too. We also use recycled restaurant waste as compost and make minimal passes with tractors and other farm machinery to prevent soil compaction.

In addition, Heitz Wine Cellars was one of the earliest properties in Napa County to enroll in the Fish Friendly Farming Program. We are proud to be the recipient of an award for Excellence in Stream Habitat Improvement and Restoration.

Our participation currently includes a project designed to improve the water quality and wildlife habitat of Conn Creek, a tributary of the Napa River which runs along the border of our Trailside Vineyard. We have completed the first phase, which involved the removal of invasive, non-native plant species including the Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Himalayan Blackberry and Giant Reed.

This project will not only improve erosion control, it will enhance the lives of countless fish, frogs, turtles and other creatures that dwell in the Trailside riparian community.

"During the last half century our winemaking community earned a premiere position on the world stage. Today at Heitz Wine Cellars, we are proud to be conscientious stewards of the land, working to preserve the Napa Valley winemaking heritage for generations to come." - Kathleen Heitz Myers, President