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Heitz Cellar inhabits a pristine valley in the eastern hills of St. Helena known as Spring Valley. In 1964, Joe and Alice Heitz acquired this 160-acre ranch and winery to accommodate their burgeoning family business. The gray stone cellar, constructed of hand-chiseled perlite in 1898, is still in use today, housing our upright oak tanks. Within steps of this stone landmark is our modern winery facility where wines are fermented, blended and aged in oak barrels. The stone cellar is a reminder of not only Heitz' rich history but of the Napa Valley winemakers who came before us.

Heitz Cellar has earned countless accolades for its wines since 1961. Their renowned vineyard-designated wines - Martha's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Trailside Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon - are the benchmarks of the winery's distinguished heritage. Heitz' remarkable Martha's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon has been a collector's favorite for decades. Wine Spectator underscored this wine's legendary status by selecting Martha's Vineyard Cabernet as one of the Top 12 wines of the 20th Century. Heitz Cellar's Chardonnay, Grignolino, Zinfandel and Port have also earned their share of ardent fans over the years. To many admirers, the Heitz label is the premiere symbol of fine wine and graceful hospitality.

The winery ranch is a working winery and tucked away off the beaten path. We invite our guests to visit and taste our wines at our original site on St. Helena Highway where we have welcomed wine lovers for over half a century.